Ep. 17: Creating a SAAS from $0 to $55k/month while Building in Public with an Exit and Writing Two Books with Arvid Kahl

Ep. 17: Creating a SAAS from $0 to $55k/month while Building in Public with an Exit and Writing Two Books with Arvid Kahl

With the movement of being more and more transparent with the type of work or product developers are producing, it has gain lots of traction in helping build businesses. The old way of thinking is building in the dark, finish your product then start selling. The new way is to describe everything you're changing about your software, how many paying customers you have and what your future plans are. Meet Arvid Kahl, he is one of the innovators and OGs of the Building in Public Movement. Arvid and his partner, Danielle, had a problem. Danielle was teaching english classes but there was an issue giving feedback in a timely fashion and needed a more efficient way of doing things. Feedback Panda was born and it as a painkiller that everyone who taught English knew they needed to have. Arvid discusses with us the origin story of Feedback Panda, how he & Danielle sold the business, the book he wrote about building in public as well as his newest book the Embedded Entrepreneur about how to find your raving fans and building a community around it. You don't want to miss this one.

You can find his newest book here: https://gumroad.com/l/embedded-entrepreneur

If you want to reach Arvid, you can connect with him on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/arvidkahl


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