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Darryl Lim

Darryl Lim is the co-host and co-creator of Buy and Build podcast, a small little podcast that was inspired by a spur of the moment purchase of taking over a SAAS business and renovating it. Darryl is a veteran of the online marketing/advertising working in the space for over a decade helping small and medium businesses. When he is not working with other businesses, he's building his own side hustles such as a brick and mortar 3d Instagram gallery that went to six figures in sales revenue in under 10 months during the pandemic. In the online world, Darryl has made dropshipping stores and sold Amazon. But there's one thign that always elluded him... a succesful online business with recurring revenue. Thus this podcast was born. You can find Darryl on twitter at @darrylklim

Nick Scalf

Nick Scalf is a lead software engineer, investor, and gambler. Growing up, he saw his father build a number of low-tech startups (construction, hurricane shutter manufacturing, real estate, etc). That bug was passed down, and in the past few years he’s started (and shut down) a number of startups. Having a love for experimentation and business, he wanted to explore this third path of business: buying and building a small, successful startup. You can find Nick on Twitter at @scalfino

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