3 Signs You Fear Failure (Atychiphobia)

3 Signs You Fear Failure (Atychiphobia)

3 Signs You Fear Failure (Atychiphobia)

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Build and Buy Podcast
3 Signs You Fear Failure (Atychiphobia)

Are You Afraid to Fail? Overcoming the fear of failure, commonly referred to as ATYCHIPHOBIA, begins with knowing the signs.

Please note: This is not a diagnosis, nor prescription. Talk to qualified professional about your fear. Which is why you should check out

The Fear Resolve Process at http://www.dayosamuel.com/fearresolve

Whenever you are afraid to fail, it’s most likely a sign of 3 things:

1. Your response to shame, which I talk about in this episode.

2. You experienced someone critical in your life – particularly a parental influence.

3. You have an ongoing relationship with perfectionism and procrastination.

Fear is a front-end response to a backend problem. If we can beam the light on the backend issue, fear will be taken care of. And remember fear shows up as diverse behaviours: procrastination, perfectionism, anger, timidity, worry, anxiety, doubts, etc

The Fear Resolve Process is a whole paradigm shift that leaves you 10 times better equipped to deal with your fears and limiting beliefs….. Register to be a part of the next stream at www.dayosamuel.com/fearresolve

Want to talk and/or get something off your chest without anyone judging you? I am a certified life coach and therapist. You can book a Vital Signs Discovery Session with me using this link: http://bit.ly/callDayo (More information on the page.)

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